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9 hours ago
PhD - Bio-inspired design of sustainable and high-performance nanotechnologies for the conversion of light energy
Nom du directeur de thèse: Fabienne Michelini Tel : 04 13 94 53 17 E-Mail:: Laboratoire: IM2NP Financement: demandé Type de financement: contrat doctoral Summary in English : The outstanding performance of biological...
9 hours ago | Closing on Mar 20
Institut Matériaux Microélectronique Nanosciences de Provence (IM2NP)
Institut Matériaux Microélectronique Nanosciences de Provence (IM2NP)
Location: Marseille, France | Closing on Mar 20
PhD - Domain dynamics in ferroelectric thin films studied by time-resolved X-ray diffraction
Name of the laboratory: IM2NP (UMR 7334) CNRS, Thesis advisor: Dr. Thomas W. Cornelius, Dr. Michaël Texier Email and address:, Tel.: +33 (0)4 13 94 53 72, Tel.: +33 (0)4 91 28 80...
10 hours ago
PhD - Surface functionalization by self-assembled monolayers of novel push-pull chromophores: photoelectric properties and application to bio-sensors
Name of the laboratory:  IM2NP UMR CNRS 7334 ( (Institut Matériaux Microélectronique Nanosciences de Provence), ISEN-Toulon Thesis advisor:  Lionel Patrone (researcher at CNRS – HDR) Email and address:, phone: +33 (0) 483 361...
10 hours ago
PhD - Development of an ammonia system detection applied to acid load monitoring in case of chronic kidney disease
Nom du directeur de thèse : Marc BENDAHAN (PR), Tel : 04 13 94 23 03, E-Mail : Co-encadrante : Virginie LAITHIER (MCF), Tel : 04 13 94 66 33, E-Mail :   Laboratoire : IM2NP-UMR CNRS 7334 – Marseille...
10 hours ago
PhD - Plasmonic nano-antennas associated with ultra-fast molecular diodes to directly convert light into electricity
Thesis advisor : Pr. Ludovic Escoubas   Co-supervisor: Dr. David Duché Tel: 0619578735   E-Mail : et   Laboratory : IM2NP     Subject description :   More and more applications...
13 hours ago
PhD - Modeling surface state and mechanics of nano-objects
Name of the laboratory:  IM2NP Thesis advisor:  Jonathan Amodeo, Olivier Thomas, Thomas Cornelius Email and address: (+33750981083) Subject’s title: Modeling surface state and mechanics of nano-objects   Subject...
15 hours ago
Aix-Marseille Université
Aix-Marseille Université
Location: Marseille, France
POSTDOCTORAL POSITION: Synthesis and Characterization of Pyrene Oligomers and Polymers for Organic Electronics
We are looking for a highly motivated and committed candidate for a 12-month postdoctoral position founded by A*MIDEX (Aix-Marseille Initiative of Excellence) from March 1, 2021 at the Institute of Radical Chemistry (ICR,, affiliated to Aix-Marseille...
22 hours ago
CEA Tech
CEA Tech
Location: Grenoble, France
Post Doc - Combinatorial optimization of base materials for the design of new materials
PsD-DRT-21-0057 RESEARCH FIELD Artificial intelligence & Data intelligence ABSTRACT The design of new materials is a field of growing interest, especially with the emergence of additive manufacturing processes, thin film deposition, etc. In order to create...
1 day ago
Location: Rennes, France
Post-doctoral position on SARS-CoV-2 and the male genital tract
Research project: The project comprises clinical (cohorts) and fundamental work packages to investigate the infection of the male genital tract by SARS-CoV-2 and its consequences on endocrine and reproductive functions. We seek a highly motivated candidate to: (i) study...
1 day ago | Closing on Apr 15
Aix-Marseille Université
Aix-Marseille Université
Location: Marseille, France | Closing on Apr 15
Call for two 2-year postdoc positions at Aix-Marseille/Avignon on Language, Communication and the Brain
The Institute Language, Communication and the Brain (ILCB, offers: Two 2-year postdoc positions on any topic that falls within the area of language, communication, brain and modelling. The ILCB is located in Aix-en-Provence, Avignon and Marseille and...