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São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP)
Post-doctoral Fellowship in Mechanical Engineering
São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP)
FAPESP funded by taxpayers in the state of São Paulo, with the mission to support research projects in institutions of higher education and research in all fields of knowledge.
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Published: 7 days ago
Application deadline: Dec 24
Location: São Paulo/SP, Brazil
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Post-doctoral Fellowship in Mechanical Engineering

Nº: 2551

Field of knowledge: Engineering

FAPESP process: 2016/11309-0

Project title: The Study, Development and Application of a Hybrid Process: Additive Manufacturing (AM) plus High Speed Machining/Grinding (HSM/G)

Working area: Mechanical Engineering

Number of places: 1

Principal investigator: Jorge Vicente Lopes da Silva

Unit/Instituition: Centro de Tecnologia da Informação Renato Archer

Deadline for submissions: 2018-12-24

Publishing date: 2018-12-04

Locale: Rodovia Dom Pedro I, km 143,6, Terminal Intermodal de Cargas, Campinas

E-mail for proposal submission:


This project aims to develop and implement a software environment capable of integrating DED-based additive manufacturing processes with multi-axis machining processes. DED (Direct Energy Deposition) is the nomenclature of ISO 52900:2015 for additive manufacturing (AM) technologies that adapt welding techniques to deposit energy and material directly on a bed or base part and thus construct geometries by adding layer by layer material. There are several challenges in the development of this type of environment, but it is possible to identify two main ones: usability and interoperability. Usability issues should range from the software operating environment, if its interface is user-friendly and self-explanatory, if it is able to identify and automate planning process steps for both AM and multi-axis machining, up to verification of the ability of the hybrid hardware system to perform the planning. The interoperability should include the ability to connect the environment with AM equipment and multi-axis machining according to the project specifications, data reading and insertion of specific commands to obtain the required movements by the hybridization of processes, as well as identification of work volumes and configuration of the characteristics of each process, facilitating the development of planning. This development will require data collection from the equipment, studies in many bibliographies, from technical manuals to articles on mathematical methods for construction of trajectories and optimization paths. It will also need full access to the operating characteristics and configuration parameters of the AM equipment and multi-axis machine, in order to catalog them and to combine them to allow the planning of the hybrid process. Finally, the project will require proficiency, according to the technical demands, in solutions based on free software, which can contribute or inspire the development of solutions in the context of code implementation, as well as knowledge of programming languages most commonly used in development environments, such as Python, C#, C++, C, G code, Assembly, among others. The methods applicable to the development of the project will include the study of the equipment, available solutions and environments currently developed in order to build an information data base on which the proposed environment will be developed. In addition, one will understand the use of solutions implemented in free software and its potential incorporation into the source code of the proposed environment. Finally, one will understand the development of algorithms to solve specific problems of this project, implementation, testing and integration in a professional environment for planning and control of the hybrid manufacturing process. The results will be modules for control, planning, simulation, integration and operation, all integrated in a specific environment, user friendly and that meet the specifications defined by the project development team.

Main objective: to develop interface and control systems for new hybrid AM processes and hardware/software integration through communication protocols, which may be opened or owned by the device manufacturers.

Secondary objectives:

1 - Combine hardware and software specifications to integrate AM and machining technologies into one device.

2 - Develop software/hardware interface system for the new hybrid paradigm.

3 - Develop process planning system, including new scanning and scanning strategies for construction with systems of more than 3 axes based on defined communication protocols.

Work plan: (including methodology and schedule of expected results)

The work will be carried out from the execution of specific activities as described below:

The execution of the proposed project comprises the following business plan >>>

1 - Study of the specified equipment, operating characteristics and operating parameters, as well as available free software solutions, communication protocols and algorithms or studies found in a bibliographic survey for application in solving the problems of proposed implementation.

2 - Study of the processes of planning, simulation and operation of the AM equipment and machining using multiple axes.

3 - Specification of the software environment to be developed to meet the demands of control, planning, simulation, integration and operation of a hybrid manufacturing equipment.

4 - Development of solutions for integrated planning of AM. There are several characteristics in the planning of AM processes, which are known and whose influences on the final result can be correlated through theories or scientific studies. However, this knowledge is established for pure processes, in which characteristics as the basis for the construction of the part is fixed and well known, which may not occur in hybrid equipment. Thus, it is necessary to define the new operating conditions to adapt the characteristics and to make the process planning feasible.

5 - Development of solutions for integrated planning of multi-axis machining. Similarly, the planning of multi-axis machining processes is well-known and correlated characteristics as long as the characteristics of the pure process are maintained. In a hybrid process in which it is possible to add material and construct parts of the part during the process, there is a need to adapt the solutions and define new conditions for operation in the hybrid environment.

6 - Integration of the planning processes of AM and machining with multiple axes.

7 - Test of the solutions implemented in computer simulated environment and real equipment.

8 - Development of the software environment.

9 - Integration of solutions and tests.

10 - Report.

Justification for the plan:

It is a fundamental step for the development of the complete thematic project, integrating hardware and software systems from an unprecedented approach, in order to take advantage of the best of each specific hybrid process.

This opportunity is open to candidates of any nationalities. The selected candidate will receive a FAPESP’s Post-Doctoral fellowship in the amount of R$ 7,373.10 monthly and a research contingency fund, equivalent to 15% of the annual value of the fellowship which should be spent in items directly related to the research activity. 

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